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Your guides to the world of HHCP, THCJD, H4CBD and THCV

A cannabis plant containing CBDP at sunset

The call of the jungle: What is CBDP and what are its effects?

Today we're going to venture into the cannabis jungle to explore a newly discovered cannabinoid called CBDP. Where does it come from and what are its effects? Is it possible that it surpasses CBD in its effects? And what is the product range? We'll find out on this trip.

A sunset view of the cannabis plant, discovering what HHCH is

What is HHCH and what are its effects and risks? Expedition to the "lost" compound

Are you ready to embark on an expedition into the cannabis jungle and explore what HHCH is, its effects and risks? Roger Adams once entered this jungle and made several discoveries, including the first synthesis of the pure cannabinoid CBD from Cannabis sativa. And now we're following the trail he left to unlock the secrets of the cannabinoids hidden deep in the rainforest.

Adventures with THCJD

Adventures with THCJD: How much do we know about its production, structure and effects?

The cannabis world is starting to look like a real jungle. Increasingly, you will encounter not only the well-known and long-studied cannabinoids THC and CBD, but also completely new or rediscovered cannabinoids shrouded in mystery. One of these is THCJD, which has aroused the curiosity of scientists, cannabis enthusiasts and legislators alike. Today, we go behind THCJD to shed light on the compound's structure, effects and risks.

What is THCB? Production and effect

What is THCB? Taking the route from production to effects

The cannabis jungle seems to be churning out "new and new" cannabinoids lately. But don't worry, we'll go through each route together to keep you in the loop. And although THCB seems to be a new cannabinoid, there are mentions of it as far back as the 1940s. So let's travel the THCB cannabinoid trail from production to effects.

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