You won't get lost with us

You won't get lost with us

We will guide you through the cannabis jungle and advise you on product selection

From the greenhouse straight to you

From the greenhouse straight to you

We don't waste time - we'll send you the goods before it gets dark in the jungle, no later than the next working day

We are not rookies

We are not rookies

We understand the trends, we have the widest selection of new cannabinoids

We guarantee a safe experience

We guarantee a safe experience

A bite from a poisonous spider, a bite from an anaconda - none of these are a risk here! We guarantee the quality and safety of our hemp products.

Your guides to the world of HHCP, THCJD, H4CBD and THCV

When going to the jungle, only with a reliable escort. We are professionals in the field and will safely guide you to rare cannabinoids. Here you can find HHCP vapes and cartridges containing terpenes of popular cannabis varieties, HHCP flowers and packages. And even brand new THCJD to get from vape pens and cartridges to flower, hash, oils and spirits.

Those who want to have solid ground under their feet, but still want to try something new, can choose from our range of H4CBD vapes, cartridges, flowers, H4CBD gummies and H4CBD hashes. If you've overeaten bananas and mangoes, try a cartridge containing THCV, a cannabinoid with unique effects that can support you in losing weight.

Cannabis adventures begin with us!

Please note that all of our treasures are for explorers over 18 only.


Adventures with vape foam: A man's walk to the waterfall

A new partner for your adventures: get to know your vape pen

Embark on your next journey with a new companion: a vaporizer pen, also known as a vape pen, is a handy electronic device designed for vapor inhalation. With a variety of different substances and flavours , it opens the door to a previously unexplored wilderness of unique experiences. In this article, you'll learn how vaping pens work, what types exist and how to use them properly.

Colour set of cannabis terpenes

Aromas and effects of cannabis terpenes

Can you smell the intoxicating scent when you wander the jungle? And did you know it's made of terpenes, aromatic compounds that occur naturally in many plants, including cannabis? Why does Jack Herer smell different from Super Lemon Haze? What effect do terpenes have on us, and why do they have an integral place in cannabis products? Take a deep breath and join us on our next journey to learn everything you need to know about terpenes.

A cannabis plant containing CBDP at sunset

The call of the jungle: What is CBDP and what are its effects?

Today we're going to venture into the cannabis jungle to explore a newly discovered cannabinoid called CBDP. Where does it come from and what are its effects? Is it possible that it surpasses CBD in its effects? And what is the product range? We'll find out on this trip.

A sunset view of the cannabis plant, discovering what HHCH is

What is HHCH and what are its effects and risks? Expedition to the "lost" compound

Are you ready to embark on an expedition into the cannabis jungle and explore what HHCH is, its effects and risks? Roger Adams once entered this jungle and made several discoveries, including the first synthesis of the pure cannabinoid CBD from Cannabis sativa. And now we're following the trail he left to unlock the secrets of the cannabinoids hidden deep in the rainforest.