HHC-O - Number of grams - 3 grams

If you like to enter places where many Czechs have not gone before you, here you are on the ideal route! Synthetic cannabinoid HHC-O is one of the newest in the Canntropy greenhouse. 

The highly relaxing and relaxing HHC-O distillate with a potency of 10-80% can be admired on premium technical cannabis flowers. Your collection will be enhanced by popular strains like Sunset Sherbet, Jack Herer and the legendary Super Silver Haze. You will also find THC in the composition, but it is always less than 0.2%. 

Some of our researchers are talking about HHC-O being the way of the future. We'll be surprised. But we're definitely interested in your insights - and that's why our Canntropy expedition team is ready to answer your questions. That you should pay extra attention to your baseline fitness is highly recommended, even if your name is Tarzan.