H4CBD - Sale

Welcome to a showcase full of new exotic varieties native to the CBD. If you weren't paying attention in chemistry class, the description of the production of hexahydrocannabidiol, H4CBD for short, would be rather confusing on the exploration trail - does the term hydrogenation sound more like a secret initiation ritual to you? Basically, all you need to know is that 4 hydrogen atoms have been added to our well-known CBD through synthetic production - and the responsible researcher can look forward to the multiplied effects of CBD. Multiplied how exactly? Information from different guides varies on this point, but supposedly you can count on at least a tenfold effect against classic CBD.

Again, the spectrum of possible effects is quite broad, ranging from suppressing stress and anxiety, inducing a state of euphoria, alleviating depression, and has also been noted to have a positive effect on relieving pain and inflammation.

Important note: all CBD derivatives are considered very promising, but are currently still being investigated. There is no one piece of information that is valid for all interested discoverers. At Canntropy, we always stress that even when it comes to great experiences, you need to be responsible with yourself. You won't do the Inca Trail through the heart of the Peruvian Andes either if your previous "training" has only involved walking your poodle around the block.